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Beware ... Anything be happen...... All the Best for Valentines Day

All the best for Valentines Day, but Beware...... Helmet is the best ..Aahaaaa........

Valentine Day Special

Valentine's Day History

There are varying opinions as to the origin of Valentine's Day. Some experts state that it originated from St. Valentine, a Roman who was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity. He died on February 14, 269 A.D., the same day that had been devoted to love lotteries. Legend also says that St. Valentine left a farewell note for the jailer's daughter, who had become his friend, and signed it "From Your Valentine". Other aspects of the story say that Saint Valentine served as a priest at the temple during the reign of Emperor Claudius. Claudius then had Valentine jailed for defying him. In 496 A.D. Pope Gelasius set aside February 14 to honour St. Valentine.

Gradually, February 14 became the date for exchanging love messages and St. Valentine became the patron saint of lovers. The date was marked by sending poems and simple gifts such as flowers. There was often a social gathering or a ball.

In the United States, Miss Esther Howland is given credit for sending the first valentine cards. Commercial valentines were introduced in the 1800's and now the date is very commercialised. The town of Loveland, Colorado, does a large post office business around February 14. The spirit of good continues as valentines are sent out with sentimental verses and children exchange valentine cards at school.

The History of Saint Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started in the time of the Roman Empire. In ancient Rome, February 14th was a holiday to honour Juno. Juno was the Queen of the Roman Gods and Goddesses. The Romans also knew her as the Goddess of women and marriage. The following day, February 15th, began the Feast of Lupercalia.
The lives of young boys and girls were strictly separate. However, one of the customs of the young people was name drawing. On the eve of the festival of Lupercalia the names of Roman girls were written on slips of paper and placed into jars. Each young man would draw a girl's name from the jar and would then be partners for the duration of the festival with the girl whom he chose. Sometimes the pairing of the children lasted an entire year, and often, they would fall in love and would later marry.

Under the rule of Emperor Claudius II Rome was involved in many bloody and unpopular campaigns. Claudius the Cruel was having a difficult time getting soldiers to join his military leagues. He believed that the reason was that roman men did not want to leave their loves or families. As a result, Claudius cancelled all marriages and engagements in Rome. The good Saint Valentine was a priest at Rome in the days of Claudius II. He and Saint Marius aided the Christian martyrs and secretly married couples, and for this kind deed Saint Valentine was apprehended and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, who condemned him to be beaten to death with clubs and to have his head cut off. He suffered martyrdom on the 14th day of February, about the year 270. At that time it was the custom in Rome, a very ancient custom, indeed, to celebrate in the month of February the Lupercalia, feasts in honour of a heathen god. On these occasions, amidst a variety of pagan ceremonies, the names of young women were placed in a box, from which they were drawn by the men as chance directed.

The pastors of the early Christian Church in Rome endeavoured to do away with the pagan element in these feasts by substituting the names of saints for those of maidens. And as the Lupercalia began about the middle of February, the pastors appear to have chosen Saint Valentine's Day for the celebration of this new feaSt. So it seems that the custom of young men choosing maidens for valentines, or saints as patrons for the coming year, arose in this way.

St. Valentine's Story

Let me introduce myself. My name is Valentine. I lived in Rome during the third century. That was long, long ago! At that time, Rome was ruled by an emperor named Claudius. I didn't like Emperor Claudius, and I wasn't the only one! A lot of people shared my feelings.
Claudius wanted to have a big army. He expected men to volunteer to join. Many men just did not want to fight in wars. They did not want to leave their wives and families. As you might have guessed, not many men signed up. This made Claudius furious. So what happened? He had a crazy idea. He thought that if men were not married, they would not mind joining the army. So Claudius decided not to allow any more marriages. Young people thought his new law was cruel. I thought it was preposterous! I certainly wasn't going to support that law!

Did I mention that I was a priest? One of my favourite activities was to marry couples. Even after Emperor Claudius passed his law, I kept on performing marriage ceremonies -- secretly, of course. It was really quite exciting. Imagine a small candlelit room with only the bride and groom and myself. We would whisper the words of the ceremony, listening all the while for the steps of soldiers.

One night, we did hear footsteps. It was scary! Thank goodness the couple I was marrying escaped in time. I was caught. (Not quite as light on my feet as I used to be, I guess.) I was thrown in jail and told that my punishment was death.

I tried to stay cheerful. And do you know what? Wonderful things happened. Many young people came to the jail to visit me. They threw flowers and notes up to my window. They wanted me to know that they, too, believed in love.

One of these young people was the daughter of the prison guard. Her father allowed her to visit me in the cell. Sometimes we would sit and talk for hours. She helped me to keep my spirits up. She agreed that I did the right thing by ignoring the Emperor and going ahead with the secret marriages. On the day I was to die, I left my friend a little note thanking her for her friendship and loyalty. I signed it, "Love from your Valentine."

I believe that note started the custom of exchanging love messages on Valentine's Day. It was written on the day I died, February 14, 269 A.D. Now, every year on this day, people remember. But most importantly, they think about love and friendship. And when they think of Emperor Claudius, they remember how he tried to stand in the way of love, and they laugh -- because they know that love can't be beaten!

Good morning to you, valentine;
Curl your locks as I do mine ---
Two before and three behind.
Good morning to you, valentine.

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Kerala - Tamilnadu : A Contradiction

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Because We are Great Mallus ..Ha..ha..haaaaaa

Source: From a mail.
Courtesy: Josey

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Hit to Our City's Vehicle Parking Space

Comment: It is pointed out our city's parking problem. In India Infrastructure is a big problem even in big cities. Now a days everyone have a big or medium cars. But our City's infrastructure doesnot mean any sence to justify our needs.In Kerala no roads are 3 track or four track. Parking is biggest problem we faces when we go for a shopping or go for a outing.

The man in the cartoon tells like "I've solved the parking problem. I've just sold my car". At first i read this , i simply laugh . Once more my eyes stuck into the cartoon , it really hit in to my mind. Look at his face. He is really happy now ( after he sold his car). Then we can guess what sort of tension he suffered during before.

If our city infrastructure doesnot justify our needs in future , the people would face a big problem. It is just a hint.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hit to our Country's Infrastructure

Comments: India is a big country. Our Infrastructure is also far far better than 10 years ago. But Is it enough for our daily needs. The Answer is a big "NO". Ofcourse everyone have a car or bike or any vehicle. But look at the Infrastructure. Infrastructure still remains as in 1980's. Our people's get rich , but our goverment get poor !!!!!!

Look at this gentle man. He simply walks to go to office. He says like "Ofcourse I have a car, But i dont have a road to drive it on." Look at the road, totally block due to traffic jam.How can we manage to drive through this bottle neck roads and traffic jams ??Ofcourse some time you will reach office in time by walk before you will reach in office by car !!

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Hit To Interview Culture Of MNC's & Youth

I have post here some of most popular cartoons of India's Most Popular Cartoonist R K Lakshman. He silently hit the target through his cartoons. His cartoons hits mostly to hot issues faced in youth and to our changing culture and society.

Comment about this cartoon: This cartoon points to youth and their job oppertunity. Now a days Oppertunities are wide open by Multi national companies. Young peoples are ready to accupy their seats in different MNC's. Now a days a fresher (Engineering Graduate, MBA Graduate or any Graduate) doing like this, he is going to attend his first interview at morning and go second interview at noon and go next interview at 4. And also he will try to attend onother interview if his time permits after 4 .:)

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Look where are you in a organisation

This memorise your position in your oragnisation.

New Avathaar - SYMONDS RAJA


Ponting : (n) (adj)
1. A substance or entity or even a person of unquestionable integrity
2. An act of uncivilised behaviour. [Also, pontingness (n)]

Usage: The judge was driven towards justice because he knew that the pontiff was a ponting.
Sir Bonkers said, "Don't try to bully me. I surely can fathom the pontingness in your eyes".

Bucknor: (n) (adj)
1. Temporary blindness leading to missing out on the obvious.
2. To be at the wrong place at the wrong time.
3. Situations leading to grave judgemental errors.
Usage: I feel bucknored by my boss; Life often throws a bucknor at you.

Benson: (n) (adj)
1. Something that legitimises a severe bucknor.
Usage: First they bucknored me and then they bensoned it! I am toast.
Also see bucknor

How India Reacts After 'DARK' Sydney Test

India - Austrialia Test Series 2007 - 2008

See , How India Reacts after 'Dark' sydney Test.

Brave India...Brave... Kumble and Boys did a brave fight against 14 ( 3 are aggressive players) players.......

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India's 3rd Test against Australia begins at Perth
on 16th Jan'2008. Can someone find a pair of
eyes and a pair of Ear Drum for this blind and duff man before that ??

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Small Jokes ... but it's Cute...

1) Doctor : "What would you do first if you caught Rabies?"
Trainee Nurse : "First of all I'll bite my mother in law".

2) An actress was filling up a form. There was a column in the form where one was required
to state marital status," Married / Unmarried".
And she wrote: "Occasionally Married".

3) "My wife has the worst memory".
"Does she forget everything?"
"No, She remembers everything".

4) Wife: "Have you bought hankies for me?"
Husband: "No".
Wife: "But, Why?"
Husband: "You never gave me the size of your nose!!".

5) Sita: "What do you use to clean utensils?"
Geeta: "I have tried several things but I have found my husband is the best thing".

6) Mother : "What are you writing Ram?"
Ram : "I'm writing a Letter to Baby Sham"
Mother : "But you don't know to write!"
Ram : "So What?, Anyway Sham don't know to read, That's why".

7) Father : "Idiot. How dare you scold your Mother?"
Son : "Don't feel Jealous, since you can't do that".

8) Watchman : "Police will catch if you Urinate here"
Small Boy : "But What are they going to do with my Urine".

9) Two students of second standard didn't know if trousers were singular
or plural. After thinking for very long time they decided, "Singular above and plural below".

10) Old woman : "Doctor I have severe pain in my right leg".
Doctor : "That is due to old age".
Old woman : "But both of my legs are of the same age".
Doctor : ?!

11) A Doctor had an urgent phone call from a man saying his small son had swallowed his pen.
Doctor : "All right! I"m coming soon, But what are you doing in the mean time?"
Man : "I'm using a pencil".

12) A little girl went to the school for the first time. Her Teacher told her that if
she wanted to go to the Toilet she should raise her index finger. The girl looked
puzzled and asked, "How that's going to stop it?"

13) Sita : "How old is your Sister?"
Geeta : "Twenty five"
Sita : "But she says that she is twenty"
Geeta : "She is also right, She learnt counting only at the age of five".

14) Teacher : "Why is honesty the best policy?"
Student : "Because there is hardly any competition".

15) Nurse : "Wake up man"
Patient : "Why what's the matter"
Nurse : "Nothing, I just forgot to give the prescribed sleeping pills".

16) Uncle : "When were you born?"
Child : "20th August, by the way when were you born uncle?"
Uncle : "It was fourty years ago, on a Sunday"
Child : "Don't try to befool me, Sunday is a holiday".

17) Mother : "Eat bananas with milk, it will add colour to your face"
Daughter : "But who wants yellow cheeks or a white face".

18) X : "What happened when you teased that girl with the dog?"
Y : "She crossed me as if I were a lamp post but her dog didn't."

19) Teacher : "What is the best way to prevent milk from getting sour?"
Student : " The best way is to leave it in the cow itself."

20) Thief 1 : "The police has come, they are already in the lift, let us jump down through the window"
Thief 2 : "No, no we are in the 13th floor"
Thief 1 : "Hey come on man Don't be Superstitious".

21) Teacher : " Isn't it amazing how chicks come out of the eggs?"
Student : " It's more amazing how they get in."

22) Father(angrily):"You are fit for nothing, How long can one live without brains?"
Son : "I don't know, by the way how old are you father?"

23) Son : "Mummy, am I descended from a monkey?"
Mother : "I don't know, Ravi. I never met your father's people".