Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hit to our Country's Infrastructure

Comments: India is a big country. Our Infrastructure is also far far better than 10 years ago. But Is it enough for our daily needs. The Answer is a big "NO". Ofcourse everyone have a car or bike or any vehicle. But look at the Infrastructure. Infrastructure still remains as in 1980's. Our people's get rich , but our goverment get poor !!!!!!

Look at this gentle man. He simply walks to go to office. He says like "Ofcourse I have a car, But i dont have a road to drive it on." Look at the road, totally block due to traffic jam.How can we manage to drive through this bottle neck roads and traffic jams ??Ofcourse some time you will reach office in time by walk before you will reach in office by car !!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hit To Interview Culture Of MNC's & Youth

I have post here some of most popular cartoons of India's Most Popular Cartoonist R K Lakshman. He silently hit the target through his cartoons. His cartoons hits mostly to hot issues faced in youth and to our changing culture and society.

Comment about this cartoon: This cartoon points to youth and their job oppertunity. Now a days Oppertunities are wide open by Multi national companies. Young peoples are ready to accupy their seats in different MNC's. Now a days a fresher (Engineering Graduate, MBA Graduate or any Graduate) doing like this, he is going to attend his first interview at morning and go second interview at noon and go next interview at 4. And also he will try to attend onother interview if his time permits after 4 .:)