Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kerala - Tamilnadu : A Contradiction

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Because We are Great Mallus ..Ha..ha..haaaaaa

Source: From a mail.
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hit to Our City's Vehicle Parking Space

Comment: It is pointed out our city's parking problem. In India Infrastructure is a big problem even in big cities. Now a days everyone have a big or medium cars. But our City's infrastructure doesnot mean any sence to justify our needs.In Kerala no roads are 3 track or four track. Parking is biggest problem we faces when we go for a shopping or go for a outing.

The man in the cartoon tells like "I've solved the parking problem. I've just sold my car". At first i read this , i simply laugh . Once more my eyes stuck into the cartoon , it really hit in to my mind. Look at his face. He is really happy now ( after he sold his car). Then we can guess what sort of tension he suffered during before.

If our city infrastructure doesnot justify our needs in future , the people would face a big problem. It is just a hint.